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2000 Songs of Farida – A Film by Yalkin Tuychiev

2020 | Drama | 110 min | FSK 12

Kamil’s peaceful life with his three wives in the remote ranges of Turkestan ends abruptly when his fourth wife moves in: Farida, who is meant to give birth to the heir he has not had so far. Without words, the four women agree that the reason must be the man in the house. Farida, however, becomes pregnant – and smuggles secret letters out of the house.

The fragile peace at home threatens to shatter when historical events catch up with the family in the countryside. In sumptuous, yet never decorative images, the film tells an enchanting story of tradition, jealousy and female lives in times of war.

Statement on the film:

“The film offers a rare glimpse into the lives of the women of Turkestan in the 1920s, at the time of the civil war. The director attempts a search for humanity in the complex interplay of everyday life, dignity, truth, history, nationality and ethnicity. The result is not only an impressive story, but also a valuable gift for all those who want to learn about Uzbekistan’s history and culture. ”

– Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan