Stories and voices from Europe to Central Asia
30 years of diplomatic relations

From Europe to Central Asia, we observe a multi-faceted modernism rooted in centuries of cultural tradition. Starting on September 10, 13 Horizons presents a mosaic of cultural impressions in Berlin: the contributions from the 13 partners offer insights into dynamic developments which have shaped their societies and identify future potential.

The stories about this modernism and the voices telling them can be discovered – for example on screen. Cultural creators in the 13 countries have long begun their journey toward the future. And their films contain familiar elements: childhood in the village. Women striving for self-determination. Heroes maintaining their personal integrity amidst systemic injustice. Blows of fate that seem impossible to overcome. Love breaking collective taboos.

You can also meet Germany’s 13 partners with open ears: in addition to the film series and an exhibition, concerts featuring programmes from jazz to contemporary works to classical music await. Last but not least, culinary discoveries round out the programme!

Let us set course for new horizons, letting the spirit explore and discover: join us for 13 Horizons!