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30 years of diplomatic relations

Klondike – A Film by Maryna Er Gorbach

2022 | Drama | 100 min | FSK 16

Donetsk, July 2014: Irka and Tolik are expecting a child and living near the Russian border, a contested area during the early days of the Donbas War. Their nervous, but happy anticipation of the birth of their first child sours when they hear of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashing nearby. The catastrophe increases the threatening atmosphere in the village.

In addition, the crisis in the region also splits the family: while Tolik’s friends expect him to join their separatist efforts, Irka’s brother is furious at the thought that the couple might be betraying Ukraine. Irka refuses to be evacuated, even when the village is taken by armed forces – and she tries to reconcile her husband and her brother by asking them to repair their house, which has been shelled.

Statement on the film contribution:

“This film screening on the 30th anniversary of our diplomatic relations is an important and impressive sign of support: Russia is waging war in Ukraine also against Ukrainian culture; against our museums, our art, against everything connected with our country. Klondike is thus highly topical – and its display a strong gesture of solidarity with Ukraine and with all Ukrainian people who have been fighting for their survival for over half a year, defending our identity, but also our culture.”

– Embassy of Ukraine