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Anishoara – A Film by Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu

2016 | Drama | 106 min | FSK –

Anishoara is a 15 years old girl from a small village in Moldova. Her village is situated in a picturesque valley between rolling hills. Life seems calm but archaic alone with her old grandfather Petru and her little brother Andrei. In summer she and her friends make a trip to the melon harvest, where she feels for the first time the overwhelming sensation of first love. In autumn comes an old, strange German tourist to the village, who interferes with her life for a brief moment. In winter Anishoara travels for the first time in her life to the sea, with Dragosh, the young man she fell in love with. In spring she is longing for Dragosh, but he returns with a surprise. It is the last year of Anishoara’s childhood in this valley, before she takes off into her new adult life.

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